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Good Mind Grappling: Akwesasne is a project to address intergenerational trauma in indigenous communities by providing resilience factors and positive physical outlets for at-risk and wounded youth. We aim to achieve this by providing a structured training environment utilizing grappling and movement modalities that promote the development of Physical Literacy and Social/Emotional Learning.


1. Physical Literacy

We use combat sports and a physical literacy framework to teach transferable fundamental movement skills and encourage active lifestyles.


2.  Social and Emotional Development     

We use experiential activities to improve social-emotional skills, build resiliency, and improve confidence to help youth realize their full potential.



In the Haudenosaunee context, we have the concepts of Kan’nikonhrí:io (The Good Mind) and the Wake’nikonhrèn:ton (the Clouded Mind). Kan’nikonhrí:io is when our minds are clear from grief, anger, trauma and sorrow.  This allows for clear decision-making and positive actions. Wake’nikonhrèn:ton is when our minds are obscured by negative emotions and feelings.  This mindset can guide a person towards harmful and destructive behaviors. Our project uses the grappling arts to engage the Good Mind to promote resilience and good character in indigenous youth.

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